PRIMER Two-component, epoxy resin, damp proof coating to block residual moisture of concrete and cement screed. Very good subfloor penetrating properties for surface consolidation. Adhesive promoter for levelling works on mastic asphalt, ceramic tiles, wooden chip-boards.


Dispersion based, one component, damp proof coating to block residual moisture of cement-based subfloors (screed) up to 4 CM %.
Moisture blocking can be completed in one day.
Subsequent levelling or adhesive works can be done within 7 days after final coat application. Primer to be diluted with water for priming of absorbent and non-absorbent, mineral-based subfloors, wooden composites, mastic asphalt before levelling or adhesion works.
Dilution depending on subfloor: cement screed (mixing ratio 1 : 2 with water), calcium sulphate (gypsum) screed, gypsum based floor boards such as Fermacel, Knauf (mixing ratio 1 : 1 with water). Bonding promoter before levelling works on terrazzo, ceramic, mastic asphalt, wooden composites (undiluted).
Water resistant, especially for application of levelling compound in thick layers. Ensures overall equal absorbency. Highly economical primer to be diluted with water for use on cement-based, absorbent subfloors (screed) to bind dust and ensure overall equal subfloor absorbency before levelling and adhesive works.
To be diluted with water, depending on subfloor absorbency
(mixing ratio up to 1 : 4 - 5 with water).
Very low VOC emission.