SELF-LEVING Ready-to-use, solvent-free, spatula applicable, plasticizer resistant smoothing compound. Remains elastic and flexible after drying. Can be applied in thin layers. Ideal for surface levelling on deformable subfloors, such as granulate underlay (insulation) mats, point elastic sports floors, suspended floors, chip boards, composite boards       
Self-leveling gender is a complex experience. It is confirmed by a small usad, which is intended for equalization of different foundations under the subsequent filling of filled covers, and also for equalization of flat-bottomed dry dry builders (Glemen). Provenness (28 Friday) - does not exceed 15 MPa. Length layer 2- 50 mm for one operation. For internal work in dry areas.     

Forbo Eurocol 915 Eurobond - bulk pole for high-speed speeding.Self-leveling bulk pole on cement mortar. Hardens without usages, allows products to work in wet areas. Provenness does not exceed 30 MPa. Maximum thickness of 50 mm for one operation. Nanositsya rakelem or sorsosom.For intrauterine and disturbed edges.  
High quality, universal, self-levelling compound very low tension for medium to high traffic. Alpha-hemihydrate-based for levelling all kinds of screed and concrete subfloors, gypsum-based floor boards such as Fermacel, Knauf.
Ideal for less stable subfloors. Applicable up to 20 mm, mastic asphalt 8 mm layer thickness. To prepare subfloor for subsequent installation works.
Pumpable or applicable with spike roller and notched trowel. Spatula applicable, rapidly setting and high load bearing, cement-based repairing compound for filling and levelling of subfloor irregularities and holes, reparation of stairs, subfloor height compensation, ramping, mold edges, slopes, etc.
Filling compound consistency and texture can be adjusted.
For subsequent leveling works it needs to be primed with 044 or 050.
Can be mixed and extended with quartz sand 846 Europlan Sand up to 30 %. Suitable on underfloor heating systems. Applicable up to 50 mm layer thickness. Universal, low-stress leveling compound for mineral substrates and bulk asphalt. Resistant to intense loads. Strength 24 MPa. Layer thickness up to 30 mm in one working step. Can be applied by pump and squeegee. For indoor use. High-strength, fast-setting cement mortar for creating bonded and "floating" screeds, leveling and repairing mineral foundations, forming ramps and slopes. Layer thickness in one pass is 5-100 mm. Strength (28 days) - 35 MPa. Cement-based, self-levelling compound, curing with low tension and with good final strength for medium high traffic use.
For levelling cement-based subfloors (screed).
Applicable up to 5 mm in one operation.
To prepare subfloor for further installation works. Fiberglass (fiberglass) is used to increase the strength of self-leveling mixtures based on cement or bonded with calcium sulfate, to minimize shrinkage stress, on bulk asphalt, on gypsum-bonded slabs, when filling various, often varying layer thicknesses in one area on cement substrates with cracks for increasing the strength of the leveling masses, when laying parquet, in areas subject to intense stress, in hospitals and areas intended for the operation of lifting vehicles.